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Patron Incident Tracking System

PITS - Disruptive Library Patron Incident Tracking System

PITS is an online Patron Incident Tracking System which allows staff to create online incident reports to assist in the management of disruptive patrons in a secure web-based application. PITS accommodates reporting of incidents, perpetrators, victims, and witnesses, using a customized set of priorities, incidents and individual physical descriptions. Lists of infractions are based on your local rules of conduct, as are follow-up actions. Automatic routing of incident notifications keeps key contacts in the loop. PITS can also store documents associated with an incident, such as letters of warning or suspension.

PITS allows libraries to collaborate with local agencies on the tracking of problem patrons to ensure greater security and safety for their staff and other patrons. A simple dashboard allows for an at-a-glance view of current reports, perpetrators, and suspensions.

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PITS - Patron Incident Tracking System


As Seen in Library Journal!!!

...Denver-based Quipu Group last year launched its Patron Incident Tracking System (PITS) designed with help from Berkeley Public Library (BPL), CA. The secure, web-based application maintains branch-level rules of conduct and follow-up actions and helps staff create uniform incident reports with input fields for incidents, perpetrators, physical descriptions, victims, and witnesses....Read the complete article.

From Our PITS Clients

"The software is easy to use. The implementation was very smooth. Highly recommended!" - Anderson Public Library (IN)

“PITS has empowered our staff to actively participate in the security of our libraries. It also keeps Administration instantly informed of serious issues, and assists in exposing long-term security trends. PITS has become a critical tool in our commitment to the safety and security of staff and patrons.” Linda Rothstein, Assistant Director, Clearwater Public Library System

PITS allows us to standardize reporting on incidents across the system, making it easier to recognize patterns of behavior and work with security and library floor staff in an ongoing basis, allowing for early intervention and prevention. With PITS reporting and logs, Arapahoe Library staff can ensure that rules are consistently and fairly enforced, important for public accountability. PITS also enables branches to share information and if necessary, build a case to present to funders when additional staff or security equipment is needed as well as providing guidance for scheduling security coverage. DeLace Munger, Security Supervisor, Arapahoe Libraries (CO)