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About The Quipu Group

The Quipu Group is a team of information technology professionals who provide contracting and consulting services to libraries and to organizations supporting libraries.

The partners of Quipu Group bring over 35 years of combined experience in support and application/system development for the library community. Before forming Quipu Group, the partners developed, maintained, and enhanced a number of diverse projects, including UnCover, Gold Rush, Prospector, and The Collaborative Digitization Project.

The Partners/Owners of Quipu Group LLC

Quipu Group Consulting Partners

What does Quipu mean?

How to pronouce Quipu

A quipu is an ancient Incan database, consisting of knotted, colored cords tied to a main cord. The sequence and type of knots tied on a cord represent numerical data such as the crops grown, taxes collected, the output of local mines, or the number of workers in a particular village. Some scholars believe that quipus also tell full stories and histories and were a replacement for the written word.