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Online Library Card Registration

eCARD - Verified Online Library Card Registration

The eCARD system allows patrons/borrowers to self-register for a library card online, remotely or onsite.

eCARD verifies and standardizes the address information entered by the patron in real time for addresses in the US and Canada. Zip+4 enhancement allows libraries to maximize GIS mapping that can be used for service assessment and funding purposes. Name verification is also available.

eCARD ensures that new patrons are within your library service area. Service areas can be defined to reflect current patron policies, using zip codes, cities, counties, or specific local data, such as tax records or shape files.

eCARD validates the information entered and then sends the registration information to the ILS using APIs or web services. All other functionality is hosted on Quipu's servers. Your local specifications determine the registration form fields and policies.

eCARD has been implemented with all of the large ILS solutions, including Innovative (Polaris and Sierra), SirsiDynix (Symphony and Horizon), The Library Corporation (CARL.X) and Evergreen.

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eCARD Features

  • Online registration and In-branch registration
  • Address Verification
  • Name Verification
  • Customized to your library's policies
  • Customized registration forms
  • Fits within your library's website
  • Integrated 3rd party data, such as tax records and shape files
  • Customized Email confirmations

eCARD - Online Patron/Borrower Library Card Registration


From Our eCARD Clients

Somerset County Library System of New Jersey (SCLSNJ) launched eCARD on March 1, 2018. "Somerset County residents have had the ability to apply for a card online before, but staff had to manually check the patron's eligibility for a card, and the patron sometimes didn't get a response for a day or two," states SCLSNJ Director of Operations, Lynn Hoffman. "With eCARD, eligibility determination is automated, giving patrons feedback as soon as they apply. And the integration with CARL.X means that new cardholders can start using our research and download resources right away." [CARL.X ILS]

Jennifer Hoffman, Denver Public Library's Manager, Books and Borrowing, reports "Quipu's eCARD address verification service supports our vendor agreements and eCARD email confirmations allow us to clarify card benefits, connecting new library customers with information to enhance their library experience." [Polaris ILS]