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Library Patron Attraction & Museum Pass Reservations - ePASS

ePASS - Library Patron Museum & attraction Pass Reservations

Developed in partnership with Contra Costa County Library (CA) and locally branded as Discover and Go, ePASS is a nationally recognized partnership between libraries and attractions offering library cardholders from every community, age group and economic background free and low-cost tickets to world-class museums, theatres, aquariums, zoos and science centers. The program allows cultural venues to reach out to people who haven't visited them or don't know about them; enables libraries to bridge the gap between books and hands-on cultural experience; and offers the public the chance to explore fun cultural opportunities.

ePASS gives libraries a quick and easy way for library patrons to reserve and use passes for local cultural venues, such as museums, theaters, zoos or historical sites. The ePASS online anywhere/anytime pass management system creates virtual passes that are made available on the desktop or via mobile device, eliminating the need for staff intervention or patron inconvenience that comes with handling physical passes.

Although developed for consortia, ePASS is also used by individual libraries. The service can be branded by the consortia as well as individual libraries. Options include the addition of reading lists that are specific to an attraction or exhibition, deepening the patron’s connection with both the library and its partners. Each venue has complete control over the number and type of passes they offer, and can restrict passes based on the patron's age, zip code, library affiliation, and more.

The ePASS library patron attraction pass reservations system also provides robust reporting and statistical information for your library and for your cultural partners on pass requests.

If you are currently using valuable staff time and energy to manage passes, or simply want to build community relations and provide more services to your patrons, ePASS is the library patron attraction pass management solution for you.

ePASS Features

  • Works for consortia or individual libraries.
  • Hosted platform.
  • Online reservations (printed and mobile passes available)
  • Passes can be restricted by patron age, zip code, patron type, and more.
  • Reservation reports and usage reports are available by attraction and library.
  • Mobile ready, device responsive.
  • Administration can be centralized or shared with venues and other libraries.
  • Library can "brand" the service.
  • Multiple offers per venue are available.
  • Patron authentication with SIP2 protocol and ILS Patron APIs.
  • Offers can be limited by date range and based on daily/weekly/monthly/on-time criteria.
  • Attractions can limit the number of passes for the system and for individual card holders.

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ePASS - Library Patron Museum & attraction Pass Reservations


From our ePASS Clients

“As the most democratic institutions in our society, public libraries provide access to the world’s collective knowledge to people of all ages and backgrounds,” said Linda E. Johnson, President and CEO of Brooklyn Public Library. “Culture Pass, a clear extension of that mission, gives library patrons access to our city’s world-class museums and cultural institutions. We are excited to work with Quipu to expand audiences and raise awareness about the resources our city now offers everyone.”

“Discover & Go, the nationally recognized online museum pass reservation system, was developed by Contra Costa County Library and Quipu in 2011. Since that time, Quipu has been with us every step of the way as we grew our service to include libraries throughout California and partner with over 100 museums and cultural attractions. Quipu's recent enhancements to our Discover & Go platform make the service easier for libraries to manage and patrons to use. Through Quipu's abilities of listening to their customers and delivering quality products on time, Contra Costa County Library successfully accomplished its dream of creating a statewide service that delivers cultural experiences to library cardholders.” Stacie Deng, Contra Costa County Library, Virtual Library