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Quipu Group consulting services are designed to ensure that the library’s staff and patron needs are met, whether it’s a needs assessment leading to an integrated library system migration or selecting a discovery platform. The time and energy of your stakeholders will be optimized when they have access to systems which facilitate efficient and accurate workflow and results.

Need to get started on an RFP for a new system? Quipu Consulting helped write the book on this as part of a customer’s migration process. We’ll deal with the prospective vendors for you, provide analysis, and handle every aspect of system procurement and implementation.

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Current and Recent Clients

  • Pasadena Public Library & Glendale Library, Arts & Culture Department (CA)

    The Pasadena and Glendale Public Libraries contracted with Quipu Group for consulting services during the selection process for a new shared ILS. Melissa Stockton worked with the Libraries through needs assessment, RFP creation and review, vendor demonstrations, and contract negotiations. A contract with Innovative Interfaces for the Sierra ILS was approved by both City Councils in August 2014. The Libraries will now begin the migration from their current Horizon system to Sierra and will be utilizing Quipu Group’s consulting services through the implementation process.

  • Tacoma Public Library (WA)

    Melissa Stockton completed 2 contracts with the Tacoma Public Library for their ILS migration project. Quipu Group was originally contracted to provide assistance with needs assessment, RFP creation, distribution and evaluation, negotiations, and purchase. The second contract continued Melissa’s consulting through the implementation and migration stages of the project. Tacoma went live on their new Millennium system in October, 2012.

    Following the implementation of the Millennium system, Quipu Group worked with the Tacoma Public Library to extract, map, and migrate the data for 10 special collections maintained in disparate locally-created databases into Innovative’s Content Pro system. Due to a number of factors, the library decided to pursue a procurement project specifically for a new digital collection management system. Melissa is currently working with Tacoma staff to select a new system which can be easily integrated into the public access interfaces offered by the library. The system is expected to be selected in fourth quarter 2014, with a contract finalized by the end of the year.

  • Solano, Napa & Partners—SNAP (CA)

    SNAP, a multi-type consortium, contracted with Melissa to create, administrate, and analyze the results of an ILS Marketplace Survey. The purpose of this project was to review a limited number of ILS solutions in detail to determine how well they conform to the requirements as stated in the 2012 ILS Requirements document created by SNAP. The project began with a review of the SNAP ILS Requirements document which was developed with the input of library staff from all SNAP libraries. The revised requirements were sent out to the selected vendors and Melissa evaluated and scored the responses received. A final report was created describing the systems under review, with recommendations on how to proceed with the evaluation and selection process. SNAP released an RFP in June of 2014 and Melissa is currently reviewing and scoring the responses received and will be working with the consortium through the remainder of the selection and procurement process.

  • Santa Cruz Public Library (CA)

    Santa Cruz Public Library contracted with Quipu Group for assistance during their ILS selection process. Melissa Stockton worked with the Library through needs assessment, RFP creation and review, vendor demonstrations and the contracting phase. A contract was signed with Polaris in August 2013. The Library is moved through the migration process and had their new system up and running in early April 2014.

    Santa Cruz had been using an open source ILS solution. The amount of staff time required to complete many of the daily tasks, especially in the area of reports, was excessive. Although the circulation module in their open source system was a good fit for the library, the other modules were not performing to the level required. The Library selected Polaris due to the stability they saw in the product and the company.

  • Massachusetts Virtual Catalog

    The Governance Group for the Massachusetts Virtual Catalog is working on a two-phase project to select a discovery platform and an interlibrary lending system. Melissa Stockton, in partnership with another consultant, Lori Bowen Ayer, has completed Phase One which included determining the high-level functional requirements for the group, investigating methodologies utilized by other consortia for procurement of these systems, and identifying all potential vendors. If funded, Phase Two will include the creation of a procurement document or RFP, vendor demonstrations, vendor selection and negotiation.

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