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Can technology solve all the library’s problems? Likely not, but it sure can help make life easier for your staff and patrons if implemented thoughtfully and correctly. We have experience with developing and engineering system configurations, platform solutions, digital media management, and more.

Quipu Group has partnered with many libraries and cultural organizations to create applications which are customized to their needs. What program do you wish existed? Let us help you make it a reality!

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Current and Recent Projects

  • enki Library

    The enki Library is a shared open source eBook network developed by Quipu Group in conjunction with Califa (a non-profit multi-type library consortium representing 220+ libraries in California) and Contra Costa County Library. The enki Library allows California libraries to own and store eBooks for access by library patrons, share access to more content than any individual library can purchase on its own, and share access to unique local digitized content with other libraries within the network. The platform also has features and functionality lacking in current third-party vendor models, and currently, enki Library offers access to PDF and ePUB ebook formats.

    Content is focused on smaller and independent publishers. Funding for enki Library is through a Bay Area Library Information Systems (BALIS) Innovation Grant, Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) monies from California State Library, and Califa.

  • Discover and Go

    The Contra Costa County (CA) Library System wanted an online venue pass management system that would allow the library and partner venues to use their own graphics, on a shared platform for multiple libraries in California. They also wanted a system which would support a wide range of passes and offers, with the flexibility to offer or limit passes in certain zip codes, issue passes only to patrons of a particular library or designate passes that are only valid on weekdays.

    Discover and Go was a hit on day one—over 100 passes were reserved on launch day! An administrative interface and support for mobile devices completed the project. This project lead to the creation of Quipu Group’s ePASS library patron museum and venue pass reservation system. Discover and Go is now being used by 42 libraries and over 60 cultural venues.

    Discover & Go
  • Gold Rush

    Working with the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, Quipu Group developed and now maintains the Gold Rush electronic resource management system.

    Gold Rush is a complete Electronic Resource Management (ERM) tool for libraries. The system includes a database of journals and databases which can be searched through a public web interface; the database contains holdings information that is maintained through a staff module, and Gold Rush Linker provides the OpenURL/Reference Linking to full text resources. A subscription management module is included. Quipu Group was the project development team for the Gold Rush suite of products, creating the specifications for the system in conjunction with librarians in the consortia, and completed programming to create the platform to meet their needs.

    Quipu Group now provides continuing development for the Gold Rush product line, as well as ongoing support. A recent enhancement was made to Gold Rush Linker, the OpenURL resolver, to work with the newest OpenURL 1.0 guidelines. Other projects have included giving users the ability to match their own holdings to databases in Gold Rush and functionality for linking through Google Scholar.

    Gold Rush
  • Courier Management System

    Partnering with the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC), Quipu Group created a courier management system which is adaptable to a variety of materials transportation processes, and designed to build new efficiencies. The system automated a previously paper and data tracking intensive system which relied on correlating a variety of spreadsheets and hand-compiled stats, and tracking missing items by phone and email. The Courier Management System allows CLiC to focus on building an even more efficient courier system, saving both time and dollars for its staff and member libraries.

    Courier Management System
  • Innovative Users Group System


    Quipu Group designed a virtual home base for the Innovative Users Group, integrating a number of components designed to help them manage all of the services they make available to their members. The website itself utilizes the Joomla content management system. A number of special programs were created by Quipu, including the customization of an open source conference system (OCS), a member management module, and a system for gathering, editing and voting on enhancements requested by the members.

    Innovative Users Group
  • ReadingOUT


    ReadingOUT was created by Quipu Group and Halstten Website Design to provide a trusted bibliographic resource for LGBTQ teens, their families, teachers and librarians. This database of highly recommended books on LGBTQ‐related themes for children and young adults from pre‐K through college age can be searched via traditional entry points, such as author, title, and subject, as well as by genre, grade level, geographic setting, and award. ReadingOut.org also includes a “find it now” feature which connects readers to books in their local library.

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