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The Quipu Group Partners

Robert Anderson, Partner - Quipu Group

Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson has been programming since 1995. He worked for Concord/EFS, a merchant bank credit and debit card processor, writing code in TAL on a Guardian OS to handle debit card transactions between Concord/EFS and debit card processors.

In 1996, Robert joined The UnCover Company to initially enhance and streamline existing code. While there he re-coded the fax article delivery system and completed Y2K conversion of UnCover's code. After UnCover, Robert worked for LBT Technical Services as a consultant working on the Prospector system for the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries.

He also ran Anderson Ventures, Inc, a consulting company, providing services to LBT Technical Services Inc. and The UnCover Company.

In 2000, Robert joined The Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries. While there he developed the circulation side of the Prospector system for Regis University and Denver Public Library (CARL.Solutions libraries), and helped to develop the Gold Rush electronic resource management system. In addition to system engineering, he also handled project management and did marketing/sales for Gold Rush.

Melissa Stockton, Partner - Quipu Group

Melissa Stockton

Melissa Stockton began her library career in consortia—first at the Association of Higher Education of North Texas, then at AMIGOS Library Services. She worked for the UnCover Company for several years and in several roles, including Manager of Technical Operations.

In 1997, Melissa moved to the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries, where she coordinated many projects for Alliance member libraries. She also played an important role in guiding the design and development of the Gold Rush electronic resource management system.

Melissa moved to Regis University in 2003, where she migrated the university libraries from a CARL system to an Innovative Interfaces, Inc. system. Due to six month sabbaticals, while at Regis Melissa supervised the Technical Services Department as well as the Circulation and InterLibrary Loan Departments, each for a six month period. During Melissa's time at Regis, the new library system was installed and upgraded twice, the library website was completely re-done and all of the public and staff computers in the library were replaced. Melissa was a member of a number of library and university committees and was also an active member of the Regis Chapter of the AAUP.

Scott Stockton, Partner - Quipu Group

Scott Stockton

Scott Stockton has worked with libraries, library vendors, library consortia, and museums since receiving his Master of Arts in Library Science in 1989. During the intervening years, he has participated in many library-centered projects.

These projects included migrating libraries from one telecommunications methodology to another, migrating libraries from line-mode terminals to desktop computers, creating digital archives for special collections, and designing and creating systems to aid in disaster recovery.

Other than systems and telecomm migrations, the most notable of these projects are Denver Public Library's Photoswest project (originally GoWest), The Collaborative Digitization Project (formerly Colorado Digitization Project), and Colorado Alliance's E-Journal Miner, Prospector, and Gold Rush.